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New Year's Party Ticket Page!

Questions? You can:

  • Register via PayPal (below) is the best option
  • You must register! No walk-ins - No phone reservations.
  • Do NOT call Custer for reservations. Being an all-volunteer organization and only there on Saturdays, we will not be there to get the messages.
  • Email custerobservatory@gmail.com if you can not/will not pay online with the number in your group and pay when you arrive. You will get email confirmation.

A few important points!

  • Although we get an email verification from your PayPal transactions,
    print the final screen and bring it with you to the party as a receipt.
  • After clicking Add to Cart, you can change the quantity/update or remove an item, and then if you need to...
  • ...click Continue Shopping to go back and add another ticket such as for a child.
  • When the qualtity and variety of tickets are all shown on the paypal page, click Check Out to finish your ticket buying and print your receipt.  Thank you!

New Years Party, price per person

1. Select your ticket type from the drop-down menu.
2. Click the Add to Cart button
3. On the next page you can change the number of that particular ticket and click update or check out when you are ready to finish.
4. You can click Continue Shopping which will take you back to this page, where you can choose a differnet ticket type, modify as needed then check out when you are ready to finish.


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