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The suggested donation for the specific events listed below includes the cost of General Admission.  
Rain or clear, we survive only on your generous donations.
Minimum suggested donations:
$5 for each Adult
$3 Children under 14
FREE for Members.

The information below is subject to change. Check back often!
Dates are SATURDAYS unless otherwise noted.

Sep 2016  
23 (Friday) Members night
24 Board Meeting 3:30pm
  Astronomy Series 6:30pm:
Equinox, solstice, other seasonal basics, George Lomaga. $10 Donation per person
Oct 2016  
15 Astronomy Series 7:30pm:
Optics and Coatings,  A. Pireia. $10 Donation per person
22 Board Meeting 4:30pm
28 (Friday) Members night
The October’s Song Trio
Blending keyboards, atmospherics & strings, October's Song creates adventures in sound that are at times profoundly beautiful and deeply mysterious. Drawing on inspirations from imaginary and real life themes, the music of October's Song has appeared in film, video and live multi-media productions around the world including 3 international film festivals.  Tonight’s program will feature ensemble music for Keyboards, Cello & Violin.  $10 Non-Member, $8 Member, $5 Children.
Nov 2016  
5 Annual Custer Jamboree (4-5-6)
12 Astronomy Series 7:30pm:
How to Buy a Telescope - Telescope Basics, J. Norwood. $10 Donation per person
25 (Friday) Members night
26 Board Meeting 4:30pm
Dec 2016  
10 Astronomy Series 7:30pm:
“It ain’t necessarily so!”, B. Farrell. $10 Donation per person
17 Member Christmas Party (tentative)
Jan 2017  
28 Board Meeting 4:30pm
Feb 2017  
25 Board Meeting 4:30pm
March 2017  
18 St. Patrick’s Day dinner
25 Board Meeting 4:30pm
April 2017  
22 Board Meeting 4:30pm . . .
  Vox Aquarum. 7:00pm
Although Galileo’s scientific achievements are widely known, the legendary "father of modern science" was a member of a distinguished family of virtuoso lutenists and was an accomplished lutenist himself.

In celebration of Galileo Galilei's genius and musical interests, lutenist Christopher Morrongiello and the Long Island vocal quartet Vox Aquarum will perform a magnificent concert of songs, solos, madrigals and monodies composed by Vincenzo and Michelagnolo Galilei and their illustrious contemporaries. All welcome. $15 Non-Members, $12 Members, $10 Children. 7:00pm
29 Astronomy Day
May 2017  
27 Board Meeting 4:30pm
June 2017  
24 Annual Meeting 4:30pm
  Blow up Hollywood - a musical event under the stars. 8:30pm
Blow Up Hollywood, the ambient art-rock group, scores a celestial soundtrack for the night sky. With nine records over a fifteen year career, this veteran group will transform light into sound and usher in the summer sky. Don't miss this spectacular night of music performed under the stars.  $15 Non-Member, $12 Member, $10 Children. 8:30pm
August 2017  
21 (mon) Solar Eclipse Event (tentative)

38th Annual Astronomy Jamboree  

Saturday Night Observing:
open to public, dark to midnight, weather permitting Staff provide guided tours of the sky. Clouds, fog, rain, and full moon nights are not good nights. The less moon, the better for most observing:
Check the moon calendar!

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MEMBERS' NIGHT, Last Friday of each month
A Members-Only evening for mingling, observing, enjoying the observatory and its resources, discussing Custer's present and planning its future together. Coordinated by Staff Members. Admission: FREE for Members and their guests.

The musical performances are, in part, made possible by grants from the Suffolk County Community Arts Regrant Program and the NYS Council for the Arts


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