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The suggested donation for the specific events listed below includes the cost of General Admission.  Rain or clear, we survive only on your generous donations.

Minimum suggested donations:
$5 for each Adult
$3 Children under 14
FREE for Members.

The Kepler Music is composed directly from data collected by the Kepler Space Telescope. Observations come from a tiny section of the Milky Way. Exoplanets are observed in their orbits of distant suns.

Each song in The Kepler Music is based on a different exoplanet’s light curve. Each exoplanet like 452b has a unique signature and therefore offers a different set of tones. The group of planets represented in the Kepler Music are but a handful of nearly 5000 discovered to date. The arc of the tones produced translates directly to the orbit of the planet across its sun.
For this special event, Tickets are $35 

Board Meeting:  Saturday, May 21  at 4:30 PM
Members of the Institute may attend and observe and are given time to address the board before the beginning and after adjournment but not during the meeting, unless invited to speak by a board member.

Annual meeting and BBQ is Saturday, June 25 at 4:30 pm
The Annual Meeting and elections for Custer Institute at 4:30 p.m at the Custer Institute

38th Annual Astronomy Jamboree  

Saturday Night Observing:
open to public, dark to midnight, weather permitting Staff provide guided tours of the sky. Clouds, fog, rain, and full moon nights are not good nights. The less moon, the better for most observing:
Check the moon calendar!

Plan your visit by reading this and have a look at our VISITOR GUIDE to make the most
of your visit with us.


MEMBERS' NIGHT, Last Friday of each month
A Members-Only evening for mingling, observing, enjoying the observatory and its resources, discussing Custer's present and planning its future together. Coordinated by Staff Members. Admission: FREE for Members and their guests.

The musical performances are, in part, made possible by grants from the Suffolk County Community Arts Regrant Program and the NYS Council for the Arts


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